Your 2017 Game-Changer: Discover the Key to Creating the Life You Want

By Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach (other events)

Tuesday, January 31 2017 6:00 PM 7:45 PM

Ready to create even greater success than you are already enjoying
...but struggling to take action to move closer to your goals?

We get it. We really do. It’s the beginning of a year, with 365 fresh, new days unfurling in front of you. It’s so tempting to make a resolution (or six) to be healthier, wealthier, and all-around better.

You make some good, solid resolutions. Ones that aren’t even that huge or dramatic, so you’ll be sure to succeed. And, then…


No sustained action. Plus, you now feel annoyed with yourself for failing at your resolution.


You are not alone! Statistics say that only 9% of resolution-makers feel they achieve their resolutions.

Okay, so that makes you feel a little better. But the truth is, those resolutions you made go straight to the core of the things that matter to you most...and you wish you could really make those changes that you keep promising yourself.

Why is it so hard to make the change necessary to achieve a goal? Do you start each year full of hope and a sense of possibility for your future, only to end up overwhelmed and discouraged, with no idea where to start or how to make it happen? Do you want to know how to keep those resolutions you made a few weeks ago?

What if 2017 is the year you achieve your goals, instead of making resolutions you don’t keep?

You CAN create the career, relationships, and life you love.

Join professional coaches Carrie Spaulding, PCC, ELI-MP and Laura Steffen, MBA, ELI-MP for a special evening to learn about something that will change everything… something that can skyrocket you to a whole new level of success. (It’s something you already have in your possession – whether you know it or not!)

At this FREE event, you will:

  • Recognize the seven distinct lenses through which people see the world, and find out which ones keep you settling for less in life (and which ones will supercharge your success!)
  • Begin to understand what’s REALLY getting in your way, and how to break through the obstacles you’re facing with less effort and more power
  • Learn about a unique and powerful tool that will help you pinpoint exactly what you need to do to get the results you want
  • Get the opportunity to put your discovery into action*

Laura and Carrie are passionate about supporting YOU while you dream big and make changes to be the person you want to become.

Register Now!

*This event is a FREE introduction to a 6-week workshop that will start on February 7, 2017. The workshop will set you up to achieve your 2017 goals with more power and sustainability and put you on the road to creating the life you want. Participants in the 6-week workshop will take the Energy Leadership Index assessment and receive a report with their unique results, as well as have one private application session with either Carrie or Laura. The workshop runs every Tuesday from 6:00-7:45pm, from February 7- March 14, 2017. Mark your calendar now!

Attending the FREE event on January 31, 2017 will give you a $100 discount on your workshop registration. Bring a friend and be entered in a raffle for a free 20-minute flash-coaching session with Carrie or Laura (2 sessions being raffled).

Your Coaches

Carrie Spaulding
Founder and President
The Thirtysomething Coach

Got "Thirtysomething Panic"? Call Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach. An expert coach and facilitator, Carrie helps people create the relationships, careers, and lives they want. With her dynamic, engaging spirit, Carrie helps clients move from "thirty-WHAAAT?!" to "thirty-WOW!". Whether you're looking to change careers, find a partner, make a big move, or thrive in your current career and relationships, Carrie is ready to support you. A Professional Certified Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation, Carrie brings a host of tools and a breadth and depth of experience to her work with clients.

In addition to private coaching, Carrie facilitates powerful group trainings and events. Workshops come alive as Carrie, a professional improv artist and former educator, helps organizations, teams, and individuals achieve their professional and personal goals with her creative, experiential, and outside-the-box approach. Carrie leads seminars with warmth, passion, and humor, and leaves participants armed with improved skills, new tools and strategies, and a feeling that professional development was never this much fun!

Contact Carrie at 602.684.2458 or [email protected]

Laura Steffen
Walking River Coaching

Laura is a professional life coach for women entrepreneurs. She also has an incredible amount of fun working with the principals at Bracken Leadership, an Executive Coaching and Leadership Services consultancy in Philadelphia, PA.

Laura’s super-powers include the ability to listen deeply and hear the impact you want to have. She brings a sense of fun and creativity to support you in moving through the world in a way that reflects your values and your vision. She is attaining certification as a coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and holds an ELI-MP and an MBA.

Contact Laura at 267.551.1622 or [email protected]


Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach