Thirty-WHAAAT?! Dealing with Thirtysomething Panic (Workshop)

By Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach (other events)

Tuesday, April 22 2014 6:30 PM 8:00 PM

Are you moving through your 30s feeling behind the curve? Are you in a job or relationship that doesn’t feel right, but you’re scared to make changes? Do you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night feeling confused, anxious, and like you have sooo much to figure out?

You are not alone! 

Join other evolving thirtysomethings and Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach, for this discussion-based, experiential workshop. We'll explore the unique experiences and challenges of being a thirtysomething in transition and the most common blocks that keep us at a standstill. Through discussion and group and individual exercises, you’ll discover where and why you are stuck and identify steps to get unstuck. Walk away with greater clarity and a sense of community — and strategies to keep you moving forward in your career and relationships.

Come on your own or bring a friend!


Carrie Spaulding helps thirtysomethings who aren't who or where they want to be with their relationships, careers, and lives. Through individual coaching, group coaching, and seminars, she helps people move through thirtysomething panic to create the lives they want.

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Carrie Spaulding, The Thirtysomething Coach